Oh my, what a read!!

The Hidden Demon (The Immortals Book 4) - Monica La Porta

I received an ARC of this, & as a new comer to Monica's work I came in blind, not sure what to expect I started this book today & read through most the day, totally ENTHRANCED with the story!

This is book 4 in Monica's Immortal series, but I understood everything that was going on in this books, so feel it could be read without the rest. When I get paid next the rest of this series is going to be snapped up... actually maybe all her books!

I recommend you read this book, it's amazing! The banter between Peter (sex crazed demon with the power to read the dead) & Ophelia (headstrong flirty female werewolf) is just fun to read plus the sexual tension is electrifying. The plot was packed full of action, information & totally sexy... it was a pleasure to read & sooo hard to put down.