Spin Off a HIT!!

Death Interrupted - Jami Brumfield

I just got finished reading 'Death Interrupted' book 1 ofthe Vanished series, which is a spin off of Jami's PBI File Case series, more specifically episode 3 'Lost Plane'. I'm so glad Jami did a spin off for the people of Avalon Flight 370, because whilst reading 'Lost Plane' it left me wondering what happened in the future once they arrived.

This book is about Melissa, an almost divorced mum of 2 boys & Blake, a Lawyer being forced to marry someone through false accusations. Their journey from the airport, where they bump into one another & sparks fly, but not acted apon... to their journey in the future with the fellow humans brought forward to help populate the future human race & paranormal protectors.

I would advise reading the PBI File Case series first, as people & events in this book also show up in there. It would be easier to understand some of the characters better & their relationships in the future.

Thank you Jami for an enjoyable read, I was dragged into the story with so much ease on your part & didn't put it down until I finished. I can't wait for book 2 of this series.