LOVE me some PBI

PBI Case Files (Bundle 1) - Jami Brumfield

I am completely hooked on the PBI series, I'm so glad I waited to buy/read the series so far.... I'm not sure I could have handled the wait in between. Although each episode ends by closing the case being worked on, the lives of Fang, Devon, Sarah & Francesca's keeps on going.

In the beginning we first meet human sisters Sarah & Francesca (Frankie for short) heading out for a night on the town, helping Sarah get over an ex boyfriend. They head to Frankie's place of work, Devon's bar.... 1 too many drinks see's Sarah passed out & Devon taking care of her... finding out Para's are out there & Devon is a Vamp... cue the threat on their lives & a hunky were-bear Fang & we're all set. This is just the start, anyway no spoilers from me here... you'll need to read them all yourself.

I found myself HOOKED in almost immediately then episode 1, 2, 3 & 4 were finished, were did the book go?? I can't wait for the next episodes as Jami knows how to keep a reader entranced in her work, I find myself looking at her books for something else to read.