Book hangover time

Curse of the Alpha: The Complete Bundle (Episodes 1-6): A Tarker's Hollow BBW Shifter Romance - Tasha Black

Thank goodness I read this as a boxset & not in seperate episodes, it was a quick read per episode that left me hanging to read the next part... especially when they were left on a cliffhanger!!

Imagine living in a small town, protected by your parents but not knowing what you truely are.... Imagine learning that your a werewolf after something terrible happens, it scars the crap out of you & you run. You force yourself not to change because of something that 10 years laters still haunts your dreams.

It was a lovely change in the alpha requirement being hereditary & not a fight to death, meaning our leading lady was already aplha (not that she wants to be at the start)... Chosing the next alpha really didn't differ either, having no choice but to find a mate either way & not knowing all the lop holes on how an Alpha is made was kinda rough on Ainsley.

How do you chose someone to be alpha when you haven't seen them for years?? Can you gaurentee they will be best for the job?? do whats best for the town?? cary on with what the previous alpha had planed for the community??

I'm not going to give you answers to these, you'll have to read the series yourself!! All I can say is I found myself finishing the 6th episode around 1.30am this morning (having read them al in 1 sitting) & I have a book hangover. Thank you Tasha Black for an awesome read... has me wondering though were this series is headed after the cliffhanger????