Done it again

Happily Evan After  - Michelle Irwin Happily Evan After - Michelle Irwin

Wow Michelle, 2 books out in a couple of months.... how have you done it??

Having just finished Evan & Becca's story my emotions are all over the place, it's taken me all day to figure out what to write here.... THANK YOU Michelle for bringing us our reluctant Cupid & our lonely girl Becca, they show you that in LOVE you deserve someone whom loves you just for being you. Who doesn't try to change you, to what they perceive as you wanting/needing... Although I felt at times like smacking Becca & Evan's head together, their interactions made the book what it needed to be.... Lets not forget for 1 second that Evan is a Cupid, therefore is dead... so it's a major hurdle in itself to jump. I don't want to give anything away...

I'll be keeping an eye out for book 2 & any other book bearing your name <3