Just WOW Elle!!!

Initiate Me (Barossa Series Book 2) - Elle Raven

OMFG I just finished and can I say I floved it!! You need a warning when reading this 1... "Be close to the shower" or "have friend available", (you may have had a warning, but I can't remember any of the warnings I needed) cause you definitely need either all throughout the book!! Initiate Me is book 2 in the Barossa Series & should be read in order.

I must say I did enjoy reading about Max & Jada from Zane & Mia's perspectives throughout this book. I really did love reading about Zane & Mia, 10 years of bottled up lust is POTENT, which we learn absolutely in this book... At some points I felt like hitting Zane over the head, but what can you do when getting over heartache?? NO SPOLIERS FROM ME HERE....

Elle you have done it again, I was hooked from the start & couldn't put it down... the story captivated me & kept me enthralled in more ways than one! I laughed, cried, had trying memories brought to the surface, and I can't forget it had me squirming about 90% of the time... some scenes where really scorching.

Bing on Book 3, I can't wait.... you have an avide reader/fan here, I would read anything you wrote!!