Bring on book 2

Winter Wolf (A New Dawn Novel Book 1) - Rachel M Raithby

This is the first of Rachel's books that I've read & let me tell you.... it was fantastic!! I couldn't put it down, I started it late last night & finished it just after 3am this morning. I love when the heroine is strong & sticks up for herself.
It was almost like reading 'Romeo & Juliet'.... Two house holds, both alike in dignity..... Anyway that's what I felt it was like at the start. But it's sooo very different.

Katalina is thrown into a world competely different to what she is used to, on the night of her 18th birthday. Werewolfs are real, Kat is also a werewolf, she's the daughter of an alpha & there's a war between 2 packs that she's found herslf in the middle of. Throughout the story Kat is learning about herself, her new family & trying to figure out exactly where she belongs. I loved the interaction between the characters, I especially loved the kinship of Kat & her Germain Shepard 'Arne' there wasn't a moment throughout that he was forgotten.

I LOVED this book from the opening scene till the epilogue, it held me in a trance until the ending...I can't wait till book 2 of this series Rachel, you have an avid follower here!