Bring on book 2

Pistol - Max  Henry

So I stumbled upon this juicy morsal going through my iBooks app, it was free at the time & there was something about it that caught my eye...

Pistol is book 1 in the Banjaxed series... were we meet Steph, an inked Rockabilly chick, who just finished a 2 year relationship with a douche, and we meet Pete (Pistol) an Irish inked hottie, who is drawn to Steph like a moth is to a flame (don't forget the accent).

Max has done an awesome job in writting about an intensely real relationship. It is a romance but not the kind we normally read, I mean come on who wants lovey dovey romance where everything is perfect all the time??? If you answer with ME... then look elsewhere this isn't Disney! And I feel that it is better than what Disney can offer!!

It's about a girl who is going through self growth & doubt after 1 man breaks her and don't get me started with the lack of support from her parents, we see her learn what she wants in her life but is too affraid to ask for it. And a boy who knows what he is but doesn't want to end up like his father or mother (in this case I can agree with him).

Thank you Max for a truly hipnotic book, it drew me in & I was stuck needing to read the whole book in 1 sitting (which is pretty much what I've done). It ended on a sort of a cliffy, but I can totally see myslef grabbing a hold of book 2.