JUST WOW, bring on book 2

Through the Fire (Daughter of Fire, #1) - Michelle Irwin Through the Fire - Michelle Irwin

As a new author to me I wasn't sure what to expect but man... WOW this is better!!! This is Michelle's first book in the 'Daughter of Fire' series & it hits you with a bang!

Michelle has wrote an intense book, full of discovery & growth. We follow Evie on her journey filled with love, pain, tears & death, and come out at the end wanting more (best part of any book, in my opinion).

I wasn't dissapointed at all when I was reading (except for when I had to put my book down & enter reality again) I was lost in the world of Evie, with a hint of Clay.

Thank you for all your hard work & perspiration, you've done an AMAZING job. Bring on book 2 Michelle & surprise me with the next installment of this series.... I'll be waiting with bells on!!