AMAZING start to the Core series !!!

Core - Teshelle Combs

I started reading this book last night, thinking to get a few chapters in before I feel asleep... next thing I knew it was 5.30am & I had a few pages left to read. I was hooked, it got me within the first chapter & I HAD to keep reading.

This is book 1 in the Core series & I would advise that you read it first, it gives you loads of dragon info about species, lore & how each dragon species plays there part in the world around. Each dragon shifter (I'm not sure what else I'd call them) has to acess there inner dragon a different ways, the red dragons needed riders.

Core is a well thought out book, with the interractions between it's characters intriging, situations unique, action from the start, & the family support. Thank you Teshelle for a trully AMAZING book, I plan to read the rest of the series & any other work you've done in the future. LOVED IT!!!!