What a twist !!!

The Other Bride - Cara Wylde

This is book 2 in Cara's 'Sold to the Alpha' series & it starts off straight away from where book 1 'Trapped in a Guilded Cage' finished, I advise you to read book 1 first otherwise you'll not understand the story line.

Again Cara's writting is richly detailed, from the characters, landscape, the inside of the castle & the sex scenes. We still get snippets of background information but never the full history of the war between weres & humans or the full history of Max & his siblings. The relationship between Max & Avelyn is heating up, but are things all rainbows & roses???

There is a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of this book & the situation was MIND blowing... just WOW.... I need to read the next installment as soon as possible, just to find out what new twists Cara has thought up for us.