I'm Bound to this series.....

Bound to the Pack (Bound to the Pack, #1) - Sonja Morelle

This is the first book I've read from Sonja, so wasn't sure what to expect when I started to read 'Bound to the Pack'... I finished this quick read & wanted more. 'Bound to the Pack' is book 1 in the Bound to the Pack series, so definitely read this first.

This book is at first bound in secrets, tension & sadness, Jen our leading lady is getting over her ex cheating on her & with her pushy bestie Kris trying to push her to go out all the time, things don't seem to get better. Que tall hunky Liam, searching for Kris, trying to put a stop on things before Kris becomes banished. Kris' slimey boyfriend definitely doesn't help the situation.... Jen being human, finds herself surrounded by were's/shifters, wolfs Liam & Kris, & panther Troy.

The way it's all weaved together makes for an easy fun read & I can't wait till the release of book 2 from the series.