WOW... Tasha has done it again

Fate of the Alpha: Episode 2: A Tarker's Hollow Serial - Tasha Black

WOW Tasha has done it again, this installment of "Fate of the Alpha" kept me enthralled completely to the book. All the twists & turns, kept me on edge for the entire read, it was CAPTIVATING!! Episode 2 leaves off where episode 1 finished, so it is best to read that first... If you haven't read the 'Curse of the Alpha' series, then do read that first, as the 'Fate of the Alpha'is a continuation from the first series.

In this episode, things are slowly making sense, but we are still left with questions that I'm hoping Tasha will be able to answer in the next episode (there is meant to be only 1 more in this... but I feel Tasha may have to go over that.. hint, hint). Alpha Ainsley has just gone through her first full moon without her mate Eric, but her pack are there for her. Eric is away at another pack, hopefully he'll figure out a way to get his wolf back & help the pack defeat the evil threatening to arrive.

I can't wait for the 3rd episode of this series, Tasha certainly knows how to keep a reader enthralled & wanting more.