An emotionally intense read

Bound to the Tribe (Bound to the Pack, #2) - Sonja Morelle

WOW what an intense read for book 2 of the 'Bound to the Pack' series, from the first chapter until the last word, I was drawn in. "Bound to the Tribe" continues off from where book 1 finishes, so if you haven't read book 1 go back & do so.

We continue on in Jen & Liam's life on the run, after Liam mates with Jen without the pre-approval of the Elders. Joining them on the run is Kris & Troy, who's relationship isn't going quite as well as you would think. Crossing the boarder to Canada & thinking they were safe, they all head out for a night of fun.... that is until they are captured & brought back to the Elders....

Very intriging, all the twists & turns, detailed decriptions... it was all weaved together so perfectly. Although I hate cliffhangers, Sonja has left book 2 in almost as neat a finish as a reader could hope for... It was such a fun read that I can't wait to find out what happens next.