love Somnus

A Love for Somnus (A Roman God Romance Book 2) - Nicole Garcia, Patty Hanson, Dawn Sullivan

I loved this book, this is book 2 in Nicole's "A Roman God Romance" series....if you haven't read book 1 'Cupid's Heart' yet, please do before you read "A Love for Somnus" as it's set 2 years after book 1.

Somnus is having a bad day, he's grieving, well he has been for the past century, but the date that Cupid & Val decide to have a special birthday for their son Kane & the other babies from the hospital.... lands on the day that Somnus lost the love of his life (well at least that's what he thought). Arriving at the party he bumps into Lailani, whom he hasn't seen since the birth of Kane & things seem to go from there.... Hercules & the other Gods from Mount Olympus are here & some secrets come out that shocked me.

I found Somnus' story sad at times, but it was beautifully written, I can't wait to read the next book of the series, fingers crossed it's about Hercules. I NEED more of "A Roman God Romance" series & will be keeping my eyes out for all future releases from Nicole.