My Dragon Masters - Krystal Shannan

I received a complementary copy from the author for an honest review.

I have just finished reading 'My Dragon Masters' & I can honestly say Krystal has blown me away with this book! This is book 2 of Krystal's "Sanctuary, Texas" series & although you can read it by itself, I would advise reading book 1 'Her Viking Vampire' as book 1 has so much detail about the characters living in Sactuary.

Set not long after book 1 finished, when the beast within awakens, her desires burn with a heat that gets more intense & a pull she has to follow. But after centuries in the dark, cold, icy cell, she no longer knows who she is. No memories except nightmares that she doesn't understand, leaving her in tears of either pain or terror. Finally she escapes her prison, and eventually finds herself in the human world, something inside her awakens more & she finds herself amongst a pack of wolfs & a vampire about to make the treak to Sanctuary.... Twin dragon shifter brothers, Miles & Eli feel her the moment she steps foot into the human world from the Veil, Diana their mate & wife. But they can't leave the confines of Santuary to search for her....

Another MUST READ book from Krystal's published list, I was pulled into the story, etranced from the start. Diana's adventure to her husbands & mates is filled with adventure, action & danger. 'My Dragon Masters' is easy to read & very enjoyable, the ability to lose one-self within Krystal's words is thrilling & kept me glued to words until the last. I can't wait till book 3 of this series to come out, I need to know what will happen in Santuary.