Dear River.....

Reclaimed: Knights Rebels MC - River Savage, Becky Johnson

WOW... just let me think for a bit, I'm speachless.... This is book 2.5 of the "Knight's Rebels MC" series & I would advise you strongly to read books 1: Incandescent & 2: Affliction first before reading this beauty.

What can I say about this women & her writing??? What can I say that many haven't already said in previous reviews???

Dear River,
Damn River you touch some pretty sensitive subjects & just wow me with your care & dedication on getting the details so perfect for us the readers. This story touched my soul & heart! I thought after reading Affliction you'd done it & broken me & made me LOVE you more, cause it had.... but after reading Reclaimed... man, I take my hat off to you. You made me cry, laugh, feel the pain & emptiness of your main characters as they mend something that is different for any women or family that go through the same after having a baby.

I LOVED this installment of River's "Knights Rebels MC" series & can not wait for the next book in the series, whatever this women writes is GOLD! Fan for LIFE!!!!!