Overpowering read

Beyond the Iron Gate - Alicia Michaels

I just finished reading 'Beyond the Iron Gate' & my goodness, I feel like an emotional mess. The feelings this book inspired in me were overpowering! This is the prequel in Alicia's "The Lost Kingdom of Fallada" series & although you don't need to read it first, I would advise you to.... it gives you a better understanding of whats to come in the series.

'Beyond the Iron Gate' is set in 1845, when Fallada & the world of men lived side by side, in harmony... somewhat. Zara has always stood out in her little country town in England, having long golden hair & violet eyes will do that to a girl. Having never fit in & being drawn to the gate of Fallada she eventually meets Elf Kai, who feels once again alive in her presence..... Zara is drawn to everything in Fallada, Kai feels an ever increasing need to have Zara by his side. Please read this book to find out what happens.

I love the way Alicia has writen this story, think Snow White, Repunzel, Romeo & Juliette, maybe even a little bit of LOTR.... it's compelling in everyway that those stories dragged you body, mind & soul into the words of the author. Alicia has also give her series a more understandable background. It was a story about finding the truth, fighting evil, love, unconditional love & growth in ones person. There was joy, learning, celebration, action, death & lastly sacrifice... all these things shaped the story into what was a magically weaved fairytale, that should be up there with the best! Bring on book 1 & the rest of the series.... I can not wait!