A thrilling conclusion

Fate of the Alpha: Episode 3: A Tarker's Hollow Serial - Tasha Black

Tasha has done it again, her fianl installment for "Fate of the Alpha: A Tarker's Hollow Serial" has finished with a BANG! All the twists & turns throughout this book, left me wondering how it was going to finish, until the very end when the words... THE END were read. Episode 3 starts were Episode 2 finishes, so if you pick this book up, please read from Episode 1.... actually I would highly reccommend starting with the "Curse of the Alpha" series, as it is a prequel series to this series.

In this episode things are coming to light rather quickly & although this is the last book for Tasha's "Fate of the Alpha" series, I feel like Tasha could definitely continue on with her characters from Tarker's Hollow. Questions still remain for me after finishing this book, but most of them are for the future, except for a couple. This was a very 'edge of your seat' read, with everything coming to a catastrophic conclusion very near the end... I will be keeping an eye out for any books/serials from Tasha in the future.