What Sevrrn wants, Sevrrn gets

The Dragon's Appraiser: Part One - Viola Rivard

WOW what can I say about 'The Dragon's Appraiser' part 1...... What a fun, wicked, read! Viola has painted a picture that captivated all my senses. I picked it up, was finished & wanting more before I knew what hit me.... it left me smiling. I especially loved how the leading lady, Madja was sassy & although scared to be in the situation she found herself in, made herself indispensible to Sevrrn. The one sided converstions when Sevrrn was in dragon form I found interesting, but they intensified even more when in human form. I especially love when I have stories told in both leads POV, it makes things more interesting & we learn more about the characters themselves.

I can't wait to see how this serial unfolds, as Viola knows how to capture her audience & keep them hooked.