I'm lost in Madja & Sevrrn

The Dragon's Appraiser: Part Two - Viola Rivard

So I just finished part 2 of "The Dragon's Appraiser" & all I can say is... WOW!! I picked this up & lost myself in the story, it captured my senses completely. Before I knew it I was finished & left wanting more of Madja & Sevrrn. Please read part 1 of "The Dragon's Appraiser" first, as part 2 continues straight away. As Madja & Sevrrn's relationship (if that is what you call it) is put to the test as Sevrrn battles feelings for the first time in his long life. The alternating POV's kept everything interesting & gave us insight to both Madja & Sevrrn's inner most thoughts.

I can not wait for part 3, so I can find out what Sevrrn & Madja get up to next. Viola's weaved her magic with this serial, leaving me HOOKED!!