Loved Cody's story

Desert Blood  - Anna Lowe

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

I just finished reading 'Desert Blood'... I really loved being back in the lives of the Were's of Twin Moon Ranch. Once I started reading, I couldn't stop & I was at the end of the book & wanting more. I do advise that you read book 1 & novella 1.5 'Desert Moon' & 'Desert Wolf' of "The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch" first, as they are in chronological order. Although each main book is for a different main character, all characters interweave in each book.

Heather hasn't stopped driving since that fateful night the paranormal came into her life, but something about the Arizonia desert feels safe to her. Everything inside tells her to stop & recoup for a bit. Cody has lived his life playing a part, not being his true self, being the playboy... ladies man... but he's getting tired of it. Seeing his brother Ty with his mate Lana, makes Cody see what he's missing. Something about Heather draws him to her.

I loved how Anna has brought her characters together... again, they feel so alive & vivid... I could almost touch them. I loved reading the relationship changes within the siblings, now that Ty is mated. The growth that Cody does within this book is epic, as well as Heather's growth, I think they needed one-another to heal. Thank you Anna for an enthralling read, I can't wait for book 3's release. I need more of "The Wolves of Twin Moon Ranch"!!