Awesome start to a new series

On The Prowl (Jagged Lovers Series) Book #1: Jaguar Shifter Romance - Catherine Vale

This is my first Catherine Vale book that I've read, I sped through this book & was at the end in no time. This is book 1 of the "Jagged Lovers" series, I would advise you read this series in order.

What would you do for the last remaining family member?? Well Addison knows what she'll do for her sick twin sister Daphne.... absolutley anything, even travel across the world to find a rare plant & make a deal with a perfect stranger without knowing the details. Griffin is mysterious, gruff, an alpha of his slowly dying clan... he striks a bargain with Addison...

I found I couldn't put this book down & to be honest I read all 3 parts in one sitting. I found the interaction between Addison & her ex Daniel, nerve wracking, can't the man take no for an answer?? The interaction between Addison & Griffin moved me, they had to learn about one-another in such a short time. Such an action packed novella, bursting to the seams with so much information..... I'm very thankful that I can automatically go onto book 2, this cliffhanger is mind boggling!