Awesome continuation for the series

On The Move (Jagged Lovers Series) Book #2: Jaguar Shifter Romance - Catherine Vale

Again I sped through this book, I finished in no time at all. This is book 2 of the "Jagged Lovers" series, I would recommend you read book 1 first, as this book continues on straight away.

Addison has stayed behind with Griffin, whilst her ex takes the cure for Addison's twin back home to administer. But danger lurks for the clans.... A time of uncertanty for all the clans.

Again I couldn't put this book down, reading this straight after book 1. I loved all the interactions between the characters, met a few new characters, who added more depth to the storyline. Another cliffhanger, thankfully book 3 is awaiting me. On to book 3....