Amazing start to a new series by Elise

The Guardians: An Urban Fantasy Romance - Elise Marion

Having just finished reading 'The Guardians'... I'm at a lose to what I should write....
What do you write when a book keeps you glued to the pages??
When you can't put said book down??
When you read it all in 1 sitting??

I loved what I just read, set in the world, now... but where there is a never ending war between good & evil... angels & demons, happening on Earth, in front of the un-seeing humans. Loads of action, fighting, tension... you learn the history of the war.

'The Guardians' is book 1 in Elise's new series, aptly named "The Guardians", I look forward to reading book 2. Please write book 2 soon Elise, you have a MASSIVE fan here.