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Alphas on the Prowl Shifter Paranormal Boxed Set - Catherine Vale, Lashell Collins, Gina Kincade, Bethany Shaw, Phoenix Johnson, Annie Nicholas, Jami Brumfield, Sarah Makela, Amy Lee Burgess, Anna Lowe

My review for the "Alphas on the Prowl (Shifter Romance Boxed Set)" is finished..... here are my individual reviews for the novellas included within.

"Wolf Fever"
by Catherine Vale
Having read Catherine's "Jagged Lovers" series I was excited when I saw that she'd added to the boxset. 'Wolf Fever' was everything I have come to expect from Catherine, a fun, erotic short story, although I found it just a tad short...

"A shot at Love"
by Gina Kincade
I have never read anything by Gina before, but I did enjoy this short story about love thought lost.
P.S. I LOVED how both main characters, even though not together still kept an eye on one another. My only problem was the length, I coule have read SO much more.

"The Dragon's Dream Dancer" (Demon Fairy Tales, book II)
by Jami Brumfeild
I love reading anything by Jami & 'The Dragon's Dream Dancer' was no different. I was quickly transported into the story... I would love to read book 1 of this series though, but you can understand what is happening without reading book 1.

"Hers to Protect"
by Amy Lee Burgess
'Hers to Protect' is my first read by Amy, I really enjoyed it. I found myself gripped into the story, hoping that the main characters could forgive & find love again. I enjoyed the length & will be keeping my eyes open for anything else by Amy in the future.

"The Talented Mr. MacGregor"
by Tasha Black
I LOVE Tasha's "Curse of the Alpha" & "Fate of the Alpha" series & to learn that 'The Talented Mr. MacGregor' pre-dates those wolves at Tarker's Hollow.... made me do the happy dance. I was instantly sucked back into the lives of the Tarkers Hollow wolves & I LOVED it!!

"Exiled: A Lunar Falls Novella"
by Lashell Collins
'Exiled' was my first ever read from Lashell & I thoroughly enjoyed it.... I'll be looking at the "Lunar Falls" series & the rest of her books ASAP... oh & adding them to my TBR. I found myself pulled into this story of 2 lost souls finding one-another & finding love, WOW what an ending!!

"The Wolf in the Neighborhood"
by Phoenix Johnson
WOW, this book kept me gripped until the very end. I couldn't put it down! I'll be checking out anything else written by Phoenix. Steamy sex scenes, fast paced, action packed & what an ending!

"Scent of a Scandal"
by Annie Nicholas
What can I say about this one??? This reminded me of 'Romeo & Juliette', except without the devastating ending. I LOVED IT! Will be checking out Annie's other work ASAP.

"Desert Wolf 2: A Twin Moon Ranch Short Story"
by Anna Lowe
OMG, happy dance.... I LOVE Anna's "Twin Moon Ranch" series! I love the story of Ty & Lana, & getting little looks ino their future, seeing what is happening.... just makes the story that much better.

"Captive Moonlight"
by Sarah Makela
I felt like I was inside an old Western book or movie. Transported back in time... although the first scene wasn't exactly what a betrothed couple are meant to be doing. It helped set the scene & let us, the reader/s, understand the commitment between the lead characters. What a sassy, brave lead female, especially in a time when women leaving their parents home before marriage was frowned upon.

Overall I really enjoyed reading these 10 amazing stories by 10 amazing authors. There where a few that I'd already read books from & was exctied to see what else they'd come up with. Also I found some new authors, & enjoyed the introduction to their work. I will be keeping an eye out on any upcoming books from ALL the authors in this boxset.