Never believe the newspapers

Borrowing the Doctor (The Collins Brothers Book 2) - Victoria Pinder

I received an ARC of 'Borrowing the Doctor' in exchange for my honest review.

I loved the flow & suspense of this book, just when you think you've figured out who/what/when & where, Victoria chucks another twist into the storyline. I've just realise that I missed reading book 1, as 'Borrowing the Doctor' is book 2 in the "Collins Brothers" series... I intend to read book 1 ASAP, but it isn't required to understand whats going on in book 2.

What would you do if your immediate family & media paints you out to be a party girl, theif, socialite, all around bad person?? Kate is that girl, keeping herself quiet until her family are around, it isn't until her baby sister Stephanie is getting married that things get c r a z y... Daniel has been asked to keep the bad girl busy & out of the brides hair, but 1 look at Kate & he doesn't beilieve anything he has read or heard about her...

I found myself lost within the cruise, Kate's bad luck constantly ringing in my mind, I felt sorry for the character, to have such a father & sister (shacking my head)... I absolutely LOVED how Daniel sticks by her side, getting to know the REAL Kate, his family is AMAZING too... I NEED to read more about the "Collins Brothers".