M Jet can write just about any genre!

Dangerous Authority - M Jet

Having only read 1 other novel from M Jet, Unshine the Sun (I will be adding more to the read list soon, I promise) I couldn't wait to jump into the book. Oh My Goodness, can anyone say nail bitting??? Yeah I said it nail bitting, I hate bitting my nails... but I needed to, the suspense was killing me. After reading 'Unshine the Sun' I wasn't too sure what M Jet was going to write here, I will say the whole book held me captive until the end.... where everything exploded with a finality that all I could say was WOW... actually my words to M Jet when I contacted her were f*#@ me women, that was intense. The characters where so complex & the storyline was well thought out, holding me captive, awaiting the twists with baited breathe...oh & there were twists.