How do you mend a broken heart??

All Amity Allows - Michelle Irwin

I was excited when I found out Michelle was writing a second book to the "Fall For You" series, that it didn't stop with Evan & Becca's story. Although to be honest at the end of 'Happily Evan After' I didn't even think of the pain Drew would be going through... but I'm getting ahead of myself here...

Please read 'Happily Evan After' before reading 'All Amity Allows' as you will get a deeper understanding of the reasons behind Amity being around Drew. Although you can read this book without first reading book 1, Michelle has definitely given you plenty of back ground info, I still recommend reading the series fully & not skipping books.

Like I said before, I didn't give much thought to how devastated/ heart broken Drew was going to be at the end of 'Happily Evan After'... especially after being hit with a cupids arrow. Heart broken doesn't even begin to cover it, so what does heaven or more to the point Michael do?? Send in Amitiel/ Amity... who has been in hiatis for 50 years, coincidence here???

I loved the entire story for Amity & Drew, it showed the personal growth they both went through, both learning to love & make sacrifices, to have fun, to forgive... I can't wait to see what else Michelle can come up with... BRING IT ON!