A dark love story

Lemon Drops and Love - Angela   Stevens

Once I started I couldn't put 'Lemon Drops & Love' down, I was drawn into Maya's life watching her shrink within herself in a matter of the first chapter. I say watching because it felt like I was watching a movie playing in my head. Maya's in an abusive both verbal & physical, relationship with Carl, her boyfriend of one year. At her best friends wedding, she's dragged out of the venue by Carl & into their house, where things deteriorate rather quickly.... Jude is attending his older sisters wedding, trying all day to get Maya's attention, the girl he secretly loved since he was 15. He knows something wrong is happening but he's at a wedding...

Lets me just say, this may have alot of triggers for people, you may not even make it through the first 25% of the book. It isn't the easiest book to read, so much violence is in here, but I did like the way Angela made it a stepping stone for Maya, Maya's growth at the end was astounding. Showing that with love & support you can come through most hardships thrown at you.

I wanted Maya & Jude to pull through & end up together all through the book, no matter what Carl threw at Maya. Angela wrote a book that I wouldn't be able to put into words, she hasn't sugar-coated anything within the book & I can not wait to see what else is going to happen in the series.