Exciting new spin off series of The Immortals

Raphael (The Immortal Youth Book 1) - Monica La Porta

I received an ARC of 'Raphael' from Monica in exchange for an honest review.

This is an AMAZING start for Monica's new series "The Immortal Youths", a look at the youth of the Immortals... so you may run into characters from "The Immortals" series. I was quickly lost in Raphael's live, on the run & in Renegade Youth Shelters, you soon learn why he isn't with his family, it made me feel absolutely distraught.

Whilst on the run at the young age of 14, Raphael bumps into his mate, but he is being chased by a Controller so they go their sepereate ways. Until they bump into one another again, but Raphael is still on the run, but gets caught by the Controller & put inside the RYS... Rapheal's life is far from being perfect & it makes my heart ache, as a mum it hurts to think of the lack of love Raphael had growing up....

Even though the information you learn about Raphael's life hurt (I'm a mum)... I found myself hoping that he would find his mate again & finally be able to receive the love he'd deserved growing up. I just couldn't put it down, having started I ended up reading into the early morning, until it was finished... I even dreamt about the book afterwards.... I can't wait to read what comes next in the "Immortal Youth" series.