What a read!

Tempted by the Jaguar: The Complete Edition - Cristina Rayne

I received an ARC of 'Tempted by the Jaguar: The Complete Edition' from Cristina Rayne, in exchange for an honest review.

WOW what can I say? I was quickly enthralled in the life of Kylie Moore, once I started I just couldn't put it down, it was 3am before I had to, otherwise I would have pulled an all nighter. I will say I'm feeling really tired today, but I just finished reading this set of books & I'm still reeling from the suspense. Such an action packed read, full of twists & turns, shifters galore & loads of information.

I'm so glad I was able to read these books all together, the cliffhangers at the end of each, would have done my head in... especially with the wait in between them all. I found myself needing more, I want to know if Kylie's mother & father are ever found? if Maxim gets his mate back? if the shifters saved, ever heal? I NEED MORE!