Wicked start to a new series

Rayne's Thunder: Master Chef - Jami Brumfield

I just finished reading 'Rayne's Thunder: Master Chef' part 1 of Jami's new series "Dating a Werewolf".... I loved it. I was quickly drawn into the story & couldn't believe it had finished when it did, especially with how it ended.

Rayne's world is rocked by the death of her father, the alpha, she heads home from college in time for the funeral & the reading of the will. Her father has a particular request of Rayne & her siblings, giving the an inhertance they'll receive ONLY if the are ALL able to find a mate & marry within the year. This is the start to Rayne's journey.

I really enjoyed reading this story, I think the growth Rayne is about to go through during her journey has already started to show. Thank goodness it's only part of of Rayne's story, I can't wait to read what happens next in not only Rayne's story but also in the series.