Wicked start to a new series!

Under Cover - Kasey Millstead

As a Kasey Millstead fan, I couldn't wait to read her new series.... it was exactly what I've come to expect from Kasey. 'Undercover' book 1 of the "Zephyrs MC" series, is amazingly done in true Kasey style. This women can write just aboout anything.

Oak hates the MC lifestyle but he has a job to do, but he never expected to be mesmerized by Willa, she haunts his dreams & it's all he can do to stay away. Willa has always found something about Oak that drew her to him, but he never seamed to notice her... a spanner is thrown in Willa's life & Oak is the one to step forward & pull the information out of Willa.

I loved that I wasn't left with a cliffhanger wondering if things were going to happen. I also loved being told both sides of the story, having Oak & Willa's POV's throughout the story helped to understand everything that was happening. Other things I loved, was the head strong female lead Willa, the loyalty of her brother Ray & lead man Oak. I can't wait for more of the "Zephyrs MC" series.