The Mating Moon has hit

Hero: Wolves of Angels Rest #1 (Mating Season Collection Book 3) - Elsa Jade, Mating Season Collection

I was given a copy of 'Hero' by Elsa Jade, in exchange for an honest review.

I loved this book, I was quickly thrust into the story & it was over before I knew what happened. Man I love that in a book, even in a quick read like 'Hero'.

Kane is coming home from the war afer escaping small town life. Maddison felt a pull to returning to where it all began. A chance meeting on Kane's first night home & so many secrets to keep from Maddie, keeping her safe from himself & others.... but when the Mating Moon rises the war between want & need stop....

'Hero' is book 1 in Elsa's "Wolves of Angels Rest" series, which in turn is part of the "Mating Season" packs series. A set of books from 6 authors, 6 different packs & an individuals story on finding their mate. I can't wait to read more from Elsa's "Wolves of Angels Rest" & to delve into the other authors work in the "Mating Season" series.