How to tame a White Dragon

Taming the Viking's Dragon - Shawntelle Madison

I was given a copy of 'Taming the Viking's Dragon' from Shawntelle, in exchange for an honest review.

I just finished reading 'Taming the Viking's Dragon' & I am in AWE of the story I just finished. I LOVE escaping into alternate realities about lands & people different to the one I live in. I felt myself get dragged into the history not only of the people in general, but the also of the lead characters. This was my introduction into the writings of Shawntelle & I will say I was entertained.

Steinn has never been able to forget his intended Drifa, who just after he found a white dragon to ride, left to join the Witches of the White. 3 years pass & outworlders some to conquer their planet, bringing Stein & Drifa together again.

Definitely will be keeping an eye out for anymore books from Shawntelle, I would love to read more about the white dragons & their riders or even about the riders of the red dragons.