I FLOVED this book

Be The One - Nina  Levine

After being thoroughly teased by Nina with 'All Your Reasons' book 1, actually it was a novella, of the "Crave" series, having to wait for the release of 'Be The One' has been long.... BUT SOOO WORTH THE WAIT. I jumped in with both feet, ready for anything Nina could throw at me... boy Nina didn't have me waiting long.

I was instantly drawn into the world of Jett Vaughn & Presley Hart, their relationship is just starting, although still new it's going strong. Then a few bad events hit the band, testing both the members friendships, as well as Jett & Presley's relationship. Can love pull a man through when he's at the bottom, devoured in mourning??

Aaaaarrrrrgggghhhh I can't say any more. I so enthralled with Jett & Presley's story that when events happened they hit me with a punch & left me asking why?? it was around 72% that the tears started.... they kinda never finished either, well until the end. Goodness me... what an ending. Although now I NEED to know more about the other members of Crave, I need the stories of Van, West & Hunter.