WOW, just WOW... what a continuation from Through the Fire

Rise from Ash  - Michelle Irwin

I was given an ARC from Michelle, in exchange for an honest review.

Picking up this book, I was filled with excitment & dread... I was excited because I couldn't wait to read more of Evie's story, but dreaded it becuase I knew after the ending of 'Through the Fire' Evie had so much to learn about herself & I wasn't sure in what direction her journey would go.

I would stongly advise you to read 'Through the Fire' book 1 of the "Daughter of Fire" series first, then jump into 'Besieged by Rain' book 1 of the "Son of Rain" series, before you pick up 'Rise from Ash'... As both series are a compainion to one another & make alot more sense when read together, your understanding widens when they are both read. 'Rise from Ash' starts directly after 'Through the Fire' finishes, so definitely read book 1 first.

So I'm only about half way through the book, 54% to be precise & I don't want to continue, even though Evie doesn't feel completely safe in the place she is... she feels complete. They should be moving on, being hunted, unsure who is after you... is stressful......

Okay... so yes I did continue reading to the finish of this book.... damn the suspenseful, action packed, nail biting Michelle put me through (I hate biting my nails). I loved the personal growth made by Evie in this book, coming to terms of being alone & learning of her powers, but always on the run from the Rain & maybe something else?? I loved learning about some new creatures mentioned too, Evie has a couple of run ins, with the reason the Rain were created. I am in awe at the finish of this book... I just wish I had the next book of the series already, I'm in love with this series.

I can't wait for more of Evie in the "Daughter of Fire" series & more of Clay in the "Son of Rain" series.