Loved the next installment for the SAR series!!

Entangled  - Anna Lowe

I received a free copy from Anna Lowe, in exhcange for an honest review.

I just loved 'Entangled'... I'd started & couldn't stop reading until the entire book had finished. I absolutely love the whole Indiana Jones roles the characters took on/are taking on in this series. 'Entangled' is book 2 in the "Serendipity Adventure Romance" series, I do highly recommend you read this series in order, starting with the prequel.

Tobin has been riding his way through South America on Lucy (the bike her borrowed from Julie) when he gets a call from his cousin, Cara (the women who broke him) is in danger. Cara is being held against her will, in a remote villiage in Central America, every time she tries to leave, the locals herd her back....

I LOVED learning more about Tobin, he was like a mystery in book 1 of the series, you only got a hint of the person he was & the information he allowed others to know about him. I enjoyed how Tobin came to Cara's rescue even after 6 years. I can't wait to read the next book in the series.