Who is Nell really??

Relatively Risky (The Big Uneasy Book 1) - Pauline Baird Jones

Just finished reading 'Relatively Risky' book 1 of the "The Big Uneasy" series by Pauline & I can honestly say that I really enjoyed this book. Although at first I found it hard to relate to the lead female, which then made it hard to get into the book... I actually put this down for a few days before jumping back in. (Note to self, don't read too many of the same genre in 1 hit). After my little break I was able to focus & get into the book alot easier. I soon found myself lost within the story... I was lost in the visuals given to me by the author, laughing in some parts... also I sepnt most of the book trying to figure out who was trying to kill Nell??... what possible information her parents left?? if they left any.... Would Alex kiss Nell?? soo many questions roaming my head.

The depth of infomation given throughout the book, helps with the depth of the plot & characters. Pauline's attention to detail made it easy to not get mixed up with all that was going on & painted such a vivid picture throughout the book. Making things easy to remember but also get lost within. I can't wait to read what comes next in the series.