Not just an ordinary spa

Quick Fix - Suzanne Rock Quick Fix: Ecstasy Spa, Book #1 - Suzanne Rock

I had never read anything by Suzanne before, apon reading the description to this book, I was intrigued. Once I started, this short story was quickly devoured, I couldn't put it down... it was just what the doctor ordered! (hehehehe). 'Quick Fix' is book 1 in the "Ecstasy Spa" series, & I plan on reading them all.

Annabelle is dumped by her boyfriend, feeling undesirable, un-feminine & not sexy (really her ex was a piece of work) her best friend decides to gift her a special treat. An hour at a spa.... A spa where all you desires can be cattered to!! (Hmmmm does anyone know of a spa like this???)

'Quick Fix' was just enough to wet my appetite! I want more of this series, I plan on getting the rest as soon as I can.