A gripping read, from start to finish

Devil You Know - Max  Henry

I have just finished experiencing 'Devil you Know' Max Henry's first book in her new series "The Butcher Boys" & let me just say... I AM SPEECHLESS!! Writing this review isn't easy, my words aren't coming forth. I have been putting this series off my to read list for a while now, but thought now was the time to read it. In all honesty, I didn't want the "Banjaxed" series to be out done, because to me that series was AMAZING! I wont go into that to deeply.

So what I expect from Max's story, after reading "Banjaxed" was what I got in 'Devil you Know'! Dark troubling subjects brought to light, writen so that you can feel the pain, the hurt, the need to fight just by reading the words. You get a glimps of a romance that is more life like than most other romance novels I have read before. You see that surviving & living for yourself, opening up & trusting again, does hurt, but also makes you become more than you ever where. I really hope this makes sense??

In true Max Henry fashion, she's written about this dark, distressing subject & molded it to her design. Sharing with the reader the struggles, the up's & down's, the self doubt... the cocoon the character/s wrap around themselves, just to get through their lives & what it takes to break free. Please NEVER stop writting Max, because I never want to stop reading your masterpieces. Bring on book 2 & the rest of the series.