An INTENSE start to the series

Justice for Mackenzie (Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes) (Volume 1) - Susan Stoker

Oh My Goodness! What an emotional rollercoaster this book was... & I LOVED IT!! It was funny, heart warming, sexy, suspenseful & heart wrenching, I was sucked into this book from the first chapter. The characters where strong, giving you a picture into their lives, without losing the intensity of the story & this story is intense.

Mackenzie or Mack for short is hilarious, when she gets nervous she babbles on about anything & everything, she's also clumsy & has a bossy streak too. While Daxton is a HOT Texas Ranger, working on a very difficult case, when he attends a Charity night, he first meets Mack he notices how pretty she is.

I loved the romance between Mack & Daxton, it was real, non of this jumping into bed together on the first night, also they were alot older than what the characters I normally read are. But I loved it all the same. There was this particular scene that made me ugly cry, seriously it wasn't a pretty site, but the scene was touching & scary & so very real, I lost it.

'Justice for Mackenzie' is the first book in Susan's AMAZING new series "Badge of Honor: Texas Heroes", I'm blown away with what I read & can not wait to see what comes next for the series.