Slay - Nina  Levine

WOW... I can honestly say that 'Slay' has become my fav "Storm MC" book, & Blade my favourite character, there was just something about Blade's story that really struck me. I think Nina has really outdone herself with this & I'm unsure how she does it... I loved the inside look of Blade, his emotionally dark past & the light it shines on who Marcus really is. Then you met this amazingly strong women Layla, who's past isn't all shiny roses... I really love the strength Nina gives her leading ladies, I think it makes the story easier to devour, because that's exactly what I did when I picked up this book.

'Slay' is book 4, but you read it as book 5 in the "Storm MC" series, I strongly suggest you read this series in order, so that you get the full impact on the story. The lead charcters do change, but the background story about Storm MC is continous. I can't wait for the next book in the series.