What an intense installment

Obsession by Treaty  - Kayla Stonor

I received a free advance review copy from Kayla in exchange for your honest review.

WOW that was one dark ride, here I thought the previous book in the series was dark, but this one topped it. There is a warning at the very start of the book, so please read that before you continue.

Even with the added darkness I was transfixed to Darby & Ethan's story, based on a war torn Earth & not actually in space it was harder to let the actions happening in the story pass. But I found the conviction made by Ethan that this isn't HIS Darby, something was wrong with her. He put up with alot taken forcebly from him, but it isn't until they find out it's something alien bringing out her base intincts, that the real Darby wasn't going to handle what she'd done.

I highly recommend you read this series from the very start, each installment intertwines with the overall storyline. I'm intrigued to read what comes next in the series & await the next installment with baited breath.