LOVE this series

Sold to the Alpha: Complete Edition - Cara Wylde

I absolutely LOVE reading a series once they are finished & all together & "Sold to the Alpha" is no different. I loved reading all 6 installments, waiting for the next to be released, even with the cliffhangers at the ends... but this makes everything all worth it.

From the very start of Avelyn & Max's story I was drawn into the WHOLE story, from the detailed characters, rich landscapes descriptions, to the histories... let's not forget the detailed sex scenes. With such vivid information, it felt like I was truely there thoughout it all. I also loved how not every important piece of information that needed to be known was given up front, we had to wait till just near the end of the book to finally know ALL the details. Cara lets you have the snippets you need just to keep reading, feeding you like an addiction until to end.

I couldn't put this book down from start to finish & really wish to learn more about the Dragon clans & also Max's brother & sister.