Another AMAZING book for the ALFA PI series

Unlawful Desire (ALFA PI Book 2) - Chelle Bliss

I couldn't wait to lose myself within the next book of the "ALFA PI" series by Chelle, 'Unlawful Desire' was just what I needed. I lost myself with the first chapter & couldn't put this book down, the entire time I was reading it felt like I was inside the story. I highly recommend you read 'Sinful Intent' first before you partake in 'Unlawful Desire'... although it isn't needed. Chelle makes introductions within seem like you've known the characters all your life, when really it could be your first time reading. I ABSOLUTELY LOVED everything in this book, the angst, steamy scenes, the action, pace, drama.... I found myself laughing (I had tears too) at a few scenes. I CAN NOT wait till the next book from Chelle, no matter the series.