Amazing collection of scenes, for a WICKED cause.

Pink: Hot 'n Sexy for a cure: The Books for Boobies 2015 Anthology - Tara Oakes, River Savage, Nina Levine, Aden Lowe, Lani Lynn Vale, Jani Kay, Sapphire Knight, A.C. Bextor, M.N. Forgy, Hilary Storm, Tara Oakes, AM Madden, A.D. Justice, Andria Large, M.D Saperstein, Autumn Jones Lake, Daryl Banner, J.C. Emery, J.C. Valentine, J.L. Beck, Jenn

I was gifted an ARC, in exchange for an honest review... Thank you Nina Levine.

Although I was gifted this, I will definitely go out & buy the Anthology, as this cause is close to my heart. I would love to thank everyone who has submitted their scene for this great cause. Some of the authors are new to me & others I couldn't wait to jump back into the work they do. I found myself even after reading 1 scene, in need of a break, that's how hot & scorching they are... but after 5 really hot scenes, I had to read something a little tamer to be able to continue with these.

I really enjoyed reading the scenes...
"Storm" by Nina Levine, where we got to read a hot new scene from J & Madi, WOW was it hot! Something that ALL Storm MC fans will love. EEEEEEEEEKKKKKK
"The Gift" by River Savage, where Sy & Holly celebrate Sy's birthday with an extra special gift. I will say that Holly know's how to choose Sy's gift.
"Falling Star" by Jani Kay, where Ryder & Jade celebrate their first year together in a scene recreated by Ryder. Damn it was HOT!!

Really they were all just as good as the next that I read, I found a few new authors to find & follow.