Will you help me???

Bad Boy Daddy - Chance Carter

I've just finished reading Chance Carter's debut 'Bad Boy Daddy' & all I can say is WOW, from start to finish it kept me enthralled. The history is how the lead characters meet, then how they re-connect it seems as though fate has stepped in.... but only for so long. I'm sure Faith would never have thought her four little words "Will you help me?" would have changed her life so much. Then one MAJOR twist happens & she has to wait 12 years before she sees him again. Jackson, what can I say about this character, other than when he says that he's going to do something, he means it & wont stop till the jobs done, even if it takes him 12 long years.

The dual POV's helped me understand everything from both Faith & Jackson's lives, I did feel like I needed more information about a few things within the story, but it was still easy to understand those parts without going into too much detail. The many steamy hot scenes, the tender, the loving, then the twists & turns, made for an emotional read at times. I can't wait to read what Chance writes next for us.