I need the 6th book now please Jami

Rayne's Thunder: The Battle Begins and the Games Continue - Jami Brumfield

Oh My Goodness, what a rush that was... I just finished reading Jami's latest installment of 'Rayne's Thunder' & boy what an INSTALLMENT!! As soon as I started I was drawn within Rayne's story, I can honestly say so much is happening you don't realise it when your finished. What a finish too, Jami has hit us with such a cliffhanger, I just hope the wait till the next & final installment isn't too long. But I can breathe easy, Jami still has Rhyme & River's stories to come.

Rayne finally figures out who her mate is, but the rules state clearly that she has to finish the mating games. People show their true colours, threats are made & Rayne uncovers just who is behind the rogues...

With everything happening in this action packed installment, I felt like Rayne's happiness was just in her grasp, she finally gets what she always wanted, a loving mate (so NOT giving you names). But also there was sadness interweaved within, which has me hoping for an outcome for other characters involved... but I probably wont know what happens until Jami writes the rest of the "Dating the Werewolf" series.